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About us

I am a mother of three beautiful children. With them we have experienced various problems like separation after birth, colics, breastfeeding problems and later complicatikons related to taking care of two children... Long story short, I myself have experienced many positives of babywearing and we have been able to manage any complications thanks to babywearing. I owe it so much, that is why, with foundation of this brand, we try to promote babywearing, make it accessible and affortable for more children and their families and we try to prevent possible later problems. 

As a doctor I have enough information about babywearing from abroad and how imprtant it is for a child´s development, and also for developing a healthy relationship between the child and its environment. From my own exprerience, but also from my colleagues´experience, I know how benefitial influence it has on a child, its psychomotor development, emotional and social development and its physical health. Babywearing is a relatively new thing, therefore we don´t have enough information about the influence of babywearing and attachement parenting on a child in our culture, however impacts of  lack of child´s contact with its environment are obvious all over a few generations. These generations suffer from health problems such as hip dysplasia, scoliosis, back pain and so on, but also from psychological issues like depression, neurosis and anxiety, or low stress tolerance, etc. Babywearing has positive impact on prematurely born babies or babies who experienced some kind of complications during the birth. Babywearing positively influences the development of the relationship between mother and her child and helps to form secure attachement between them. It is desirable especially if the mother and the child were separated after the birth. It can reduce postnatal depression and breastfeeding problems.


The feeling for a detail. Tradition and high quality of hand- working. We produce our original products with love. Every piece from our manufacture is full of our heart and we still prefer using traditional processes. We create our products for people who look for not only common wrap. It i is for people who look for the story and heart in it. The idea begins on the paper, is creating in hands and traditional jacquard weaving machinery. How it will be continue, it depends only on you. The basic idea of all process is still that we create it ......






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